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    Sprite GlowFilter Changes on Mouse up

    jshanh Level 1
      Alrighty folks, First of all I am happy to know this community is here and for all the help and support It has provided me in the past I say thank you and my hat is off to all of you!
      This should be a fairly simple one to figure out but I am in a time crunch and would love some help. Im a little rusty as well, its been many years. My basic desire is to change a sprites glow filter color on a mouseUp command. I looked in the help menu and it gave me this :

      MyFilter = filter(#GlowFilter, [#Color:color(255,0,0), #alpha:1, #BlurX:5, #BlurY:5, #strength:1, #quality:2, #inner:0, #knockOut:1])

      But I do not know how to apply MyFilter to the sprite? Again im sure this is some simple basic syntax that I forgot but I would really love some help on this one. Thanks a ton in advance. Josh :)