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    Formatting a TOC in Indesign 5.5


      Let's see if I can explain this clearly. I am using Indesign 5.5 to generate a book TOC. The format I want is:


      Frame 1 (A chapter number that isn't printed) then a tab then Frame 2 then right ident tab for the page number. There is enough room to be all on one line.


      Frame 1 is on a non printing layer (from layer 2); Frame 2 is the chapter title (on layer 1). Each frame has a seperate paragraph style. In the toc dialog box I have tried to set both frames as level one with the number coming after frame 2; I have tried them on two different levels with no number after one and the number right indented after frame 2 BUT they always come out the same: frame 2 comes first then on a seperate line is frame 1 (these frames are backward) and the page number prints on a third line.


      I am hoping it is just my stupidity.


      Help Appreciated.