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    Fixed cell height shortcut

    SebastiaoV Level 1

      Hi guys,

      Is there any way to have a style or shortcut which make a cell of a fixed height? Cmd+1 for example to transform a cell to a 8mm cell height. That would be very usefull, i am making a 10 pages list and going one by one on the cells is too time consuming and frustrating if i want to change the height in the future.


      Thanks for any help,


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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Sure, but you need to use a script.


          Here's a 1 line script:




          Save it in your Scripts folder as row8mm.jsx and then go to Keyboard Shortcuts, area Scripting, and assign it a key command.

          Note the script is a little tricksy -- it takes the first insertionpoint associted with the first selection, and then takes it's parent (a cell) and then the parentRow, and sets that. This means it works both if the current "selection" is an insertion point, that is the cursor is just sitting there; as well as if you have entire cells selected. On the other hand it fails if you have multiple cells in different rows selected. Compromises...


          Speak up if you need that.

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            SebastiaoV Level 1

            Hi John, thanks 1000 for the script! i will try now and see if i can work with it.


            I guess the option to make a cell of a fixed height using Cell Style or Table is not possible, right?