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    Width Control Settings


      I often use Adobe Reader with technical documents that have pages of varying widths. There are many pages set up in a standard manner to be printed on an 8.5 x 11 inch, vertical page, but others have wider widths to accomodate tables or large illustrations. Reader, on all computers I have used it on and over many program revisions, starts with a width setting that is one full page high. This produces a non-readable type size on 99.99% (not exaggerating here) of the documents that I view so I must immediately change the zoom setting, usually to “fit width” or 100% to read the document. I have tried to use the “Preferences” box to change the initial width setting, but when a new document is opened, it comes up at one page high again and I must change the zoom setting in order to read anything.


      Another problem is when I reach a wider page. The width setting immediately changes again to “fit width” and the vast majority of the pages are again unreadable. No, that’s wrong, ALL the pages, including the extra wide page that triggered the zoom change, are rendered unreadable because the type is too small. So, to read any pages, even the wide one that you have automatically zoomed to fit I have to restore the 100% zoom that I initially choose. THIS IS A PITA when using Adobe Reader.


      I have tried to change things in the “Preferences” box but can not make any permanent changes there. When I close Reader and re-open it it goes back to the one page high display that is unreadable. It seems strange to me that a program called “Reader” would start up with a screen that is ur-readable. And there really is no reason for having this "Preferences" box if it does not make a permanent change: it is far easier to just click on the zoom setting icons in the speed bars. Also, many of the choices in the “Preferences” box are mysteries to me. For instance, what is the meaning of “Single Page Continuous” in the “Page Layout:” selection? What is the difference between that and “Single Page”. Your Help section is of NO help here.


      I would like to be able to set Acrobat Reader to START and STAY at one numerically specified zoom setting (probably 100%) for any and all documents that I use it to read. Is there any way to do this? This setting should/MUST override any settings that the document’s creator made at the time it was created. He or she is NOT reading it: I AM. If not, can you add this ability in  a future version? It would be a great help.