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    Encoding music video for Youtube - any advantage of using Pro (AME) over Elements?


      I am in the process of encoding some music videos for youtube.  I'm currently using Steve Grisetti's suggested settings from mid-2011 here:  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/623549


      What I'm wondering is if the Adobe Media Encoder provided with Premiere Pro (or another such program with more features than the Premiere Elements 7 encoder) would provide better results?   For example, I noticed those programs have options such as 256kbps audio, 2-pass, and Variable Bit Rate (which PE7 doesn't seem to have).  Would that provide better quality?  Of course, I need the very best audio possible. 


      Also, I've read from various other people's suggestions, that FLV is a better export choice than h264 since less recoding by Youtube is done- any truth to that?


      Lastly, would exporting to 1080 instead of 720 (and therefore giving youtube users the option of choosing either 1080 or 720) be better for the long term, or is there any reason why 720 is suggested?


      My videos are short and were edited from DVD vob files.  I've very new to encoding so really appreciate the suggestions!