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    Can InDesing flow cell contents across pages?


      I'm working in InDesign CS5 on a book project that contains a very long table (3 columns by 300+ rows over about 120 pages).  The cell contents is all text and the center columns' cells contain some very long passages (the left column contains dates and the right column is short source citations).  The table was originally created in Word Perfect -- I coverted it to an MS Word document, checked it and saved it, then imported it into ID using the Place command.  All goes along very smoothly until I get to a row where the text in the center cell is very long indeed -- too long to fit on less than one whole page, so ID forces it to the next whole page (see the screen shot below).  Problem is, this is intended to be a continuous table.  In MS Word, the text in the cell happily flows to the next page.  I need to do that in ID, but HOW?  Any advise is gratefully appreicated.  Thanks.  Kirk