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    Premiere CS5.5 is CRIPPLED with Audio Conforming Issues!

    Travis ©

      I've made a number of posts in prior months concerning problems with Adobe Premiere's audio conforming process. I have now about a half-dozen projects that I've spent many hours & even weeks on but have run into problems with conforming that have made me throw my arms up in rage from all the lost time.


      A long, continually running audio wave project in After Effects only conforms HALF of the audio & displays only the latter-half of the waveform. This project was shared out & was found to be cross-platform, repeatable between both Windows 7 & Mac workstations, & regardless of the amount of system resources.


      So I drop that project out of frustration.



      Then, I begin a new project with numerous subclips from large source files, a mixture of MP4's & MPEG2 video files. Many, many hours spent creating subclips from the video source files to be later used in my sequences. Audio waveforms are visible across each sequence & in what I THINK is the final stages of my project before rendering, I notice there are mutiple CFA's generated for the SAME video source file, presumably because the subclips produced from those source files are scattered throughout the project & between at least two separate sequences (both nested into a sequence for final output).


      Soooo, like a total moron, I close up the project & clean my storage RAID of uneeded recordings, purge the Media Cache, the cache folder in AppData\Roaming, etc & then open my project back up, anticipating it will simply reconform all the source files & it'll be ready to render out after a few hours chomping on it.




      Instead, it continually re-conforms certain source files & ultimately when it's finished (idle), I find that over half of the subclips in my sequences are void of audio, no waveform present.


      So I engage in this fight with Premiere in attempts to get it to produce a waveform & re-conform the files on it's on - to no avail.


      I'm so angry with this software I can't even see straight, right now & I'm trying to suppress my own foul-mouthed expletives.



      This software produces false-hope then STEALS it from you. Makes you commit hours upon hours in your creative works only to leave you standing with a #$#$ed up project - EVERY time. And I'm so sick of it!!



      Will there be no further updates to CS5.5 now that Adobe is concentrating on CS6 development? Are you using all our complaints & feedback concerning this exclusively for developing CS6 & with no intention of solving these problems for CS5.5 users? There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I will consider purchasing CS6 in any flavor without seeing these problems first solved with CS5.5. The issues are just too severe.



      This whole audio-conforming process must be SCRAPPED programmatically in favor of another scheme. I've lost WEEKS over this & there's just no good reason for it because my workflow is sound, my clips are healthy without any blips, they play normally in other apps, etc.



      What is being done about this??!

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          lasvideo Level 4

          Travis, I understand your frustration. If you feel you have no recourse and no resolution over a reasonable period of time then if it were me, Id  give up and get Avid. It has its own challenges, but you might get a better performance. Then maybe later someone will finally address your problem on PrP. If you cant count on software doing what you need it to do, its time to get some that does, right?

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            Travis © Level 1



            Is there any kind of migration path from Premiere to Avid? A means to preserve & regenerate a Premiere project within Avid?



            Premiere has stopped me in my tracks too often for me to make significant progress in becoming a professional video editor.



            The only significant problems I've been unable to workaround are the audio/conforming issues upon import, & the program's complete failure to properly regenerate the needed files (CFA's, PEK files) in the event the cache(s) are dumped, prior to a project being re-opened. Continually re-conforming, creating multiple instances of CFA's for the same video file when that file is broken up into subclips & scattered throughout multiple sequences, etc. The internal mechanism & logic for dealing with source-file linking & re-use was broken from inception, IMO. I'm quite certain the v5.5.2 update really made things worse.



            The conforming issues always crop up somewhere, but if you dump the caches while you have a pending project you intend to re-open & work with - you're screwed! Don't do it. EVER. At most, just manually knock out the CFA's & PEK files selectively, as needed but NEVER all at once when you have a project you intend to resume editing in.



            #1 rule I've learned is to never, never, never EVER clear the cache database(s) & files until you're 'between projects' with nothing pending. As if we never have anything pending, huh?



            Adobe!!! Listen. Turn attention back to CS5.5 users or you're NOT going to have the sales figures you might hope for with the introduction of CS6. If you're not giving us any hope of fixing these audio problems in CS5.5, there is nothing to compel this editor into any subsequent versions.


            I am cuting my losses (lost time) & will reluctantly fork out the dough for Avid, even if I'm nowhere near the caliber to fully exploit it. JUST so I can do what I consider is very, very basic editing & production, by comparison.



            Problems like this will compel people to spend hundreds more, if not on the order of several thousand JUST to have reliability in doing what they're already doing. Even if the full capabilities of Avid are never used by me. We need reliability. And predictability - more important that any new bells & whistles. Bells & whistles must only be introduced with the core features are working reliably as they're intended.

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              lasvideo Level 4

              As I said, Avid 6 might have its own issues with the kind of files mentioned earlier that you used in the problematic project. It probably would be wise to download the demo just to make sure you dont pay to go from the frying pan to the fire.Good luck!

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                Travis © Level 1

                Looking in it. The problem with demos is their lacking the codecs needed to accurately test with.

                And my sources files don't seem to matter to Premiere. When you start making something with dozens if not over a hundred subclips & lots & lots of individual files, it just can't track & handle all the internal linking. That much has been made crystal clear to me. And is not contigent on system resources. It does a very poor job of tracking & preserving useability of subsclips & numerous videos imported for use, & it does a very poor job of wiping its own bottom.



                I love/hate. I love what it's supposed to be able to do reliably, I hate the fact that it simply doesn't.

                I can only speak to the specific point-release I'm using of Premiere - & it is BROKEN. End of story.



                It's broken. I'll screw around with Premiere only long enough to see which comes first - a big fat update to really address problems in CS5.5 or their release of CS6.



                If CS6 comes first, I'm no longer a customer. I won't even bother trying it.

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                  lasvideo Level 4

                  Just trying to help Travis. And toward that end, I suggest you join the Avid L-2 forum. Editors and Avid folks there can probably address your question about the Demo and codecs. As well as general concerns you have. After years with Avid one thing I know is that its rock solid in tracking media, but with the advent of AMA and Fast Import there are things you should investigate before spending bucks.


                  Thats all from me, I dont want Adobe to feel like Im a traitor on their own forum 



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                    Travis © Level 1

                    Thanks man!



                    Investigating. Coming from an IT background, there are few things more frustrating than inherently broken applications - AND being dependent upon them!



                    Looking at Avid... then looking at bank account. Looking at Avid, then back to bank statement, lol...



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                      shooternz Level 6

                      there are few things more frustrating than inherently broken applications


                      Doesnt seem to be "inherently" broken for the majority of users.


                      Your issue has been mentioned more than a few times here but I assume they were resolved somehow becausew no one else sems to have "gone off" as much as you have  AFAIK.

                      Have you done your research and trouble shooting properly?

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                        Travis © Level 1

                        Mentioned all over the web, including Creative Cows. And be advised than Adobe regularly 'cleans' the really objectionable stuff (to them), in the forums. Can't have too much bad PR, now... And I'm doing nothing abnormally. I've submitted a project or two to Adobe had interactions with a couple of employees, observed them bringing it into their testing environment, confirming these are bugs, but then I get no response. Maybe those that haven't 'gone off' have just kept the faith a little longer or abandoned it altogether. Or are just much, much more cordial than I after so much wasted time.


                        Have I researched & trouble shooted properly... I'm an IT Administrator of 12 years+. Hope that answers that question. I wouldn't bother scribing a rant without first having read paragraphs upon paragraphs & forum comments, you see. And having tried everything I could.


                        Irony would have it I managed to get all my subclips on the timeline(s) to show their audio, only after repeatedly fumbling with knocking certain subclips offine, then their source video(s), then reconnecting to them upon restarting Premiere, back n' forth, back n' forth with no pattern observed for resolving it. I've had to fumble with each subclip both individually & the source video offline/online & in some cases breaking down to a notepad window to record my in & out points, & re-creating the subclip after first deleting it, etc.


                        Fumbling with audio conforming & non-display/non-audible waveforms on clips. Incomplete conforming of single video sources, etc. More fumbling sometimes than editing. It bites. Trying to be an editor & falling back to being a technican every 30 minutes or more.



                        I hold firm that the audio conforming routines in Premiere are fundamentally messed up.

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                          shooternz Level 6

                          Definitely time for you to saddle up a different horse of a different color I think.

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                            Travis © Level 1

                            A minor topic-diversion - can one of you gentleman advise?


                            I spent over two weeks on the above-mentioned project with audio conforming problems, cache, continually re-conforming, etc & as of the above writing I'm back to polishing it up. Audio is present after much to-do.



                            Clearly my own error in this case, but somehow I've managed to toggle my tool's behavior, when I'm placing a clip on a video layer 'up against' another, I'm no longer getting an 'anchor' displayed on the clip I'm placing one up against, cursor has changed. Pardon my terminology, but the 'block' anchor that helps prevent unwanted overlap or insert isn't displaying any longer.



                            And when it first occured, I was seeing a right-hand arrow when hovering over the clip. I reset the preferences upon restarting Premiere (holding shift), but the problem persists.


                            No Anchor.jpg

                            I couldn't capture the tool itself, but as you see for example, I'm just trying to place a black still right up against a clip & no longer get a 'block' stop (looks like a half-anchor) to prevent overlap. Can you tell me what I've done wrong & how to switch it back? I've inadvertently 'changed tool modes' for lack of better description.


                            First time this has happened. Thanks for any advice.

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                              Travis © Level 1

                              ...was looking into Avid, but never thought I could advance fast enough to justify its cost. More like something I need to graduate into from Premiere, but when I've not even approached mastering Premiere... Obviously, lol. I just ran into a tool issue I'm stumped on.

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                                Travis © Level 1

                                And I'm at a loss to better formulate my question about the tool problem.

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                                  Travis © Level 1

                                  Disregard... It was snap (Keystroke S) turned off.

                                  How dumb is that? LOL

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                                    lasvideo Level 4

                                    Yes, Im not quite following you clearly. My best guess is turn on the Snapping function which doesnt block but butts the ends together as opposed to the overlap you are experiencing.

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                                      I have been having the same problem and have spent way more time than I wanted trying to fix it! I think I may have found a work around to try.


                                      1. Close your project.

                                      2. Clear all screwed up .pek and .cfa files from the media cache

                                      3. Open a new premiere project.

                                      4. Import your entire old project into the new one.


                                      I hope this work around works for you. It's the only thing I've found thus far. I had problems too. Initially it was just a few of the audio conforming files screwing up, skipping, and out of sync with the video. Then I deleted a bunch of the .pek and .cfa files and it screwed everything up worse. I was getting quite frustrated. I tried everything I could think of from moving all my project and video files and importing them from a different drive to moving the media cache, cleaning it, deleting problem files. Nothing seemed to work until I did the work around above.


                                      I had about 6 different interviews all subcliped. I am curious if that had something to do with premiere's struggle to coform the audio for all those subclips as well as the master. Once I did the work around and re-imported the project to a new one after cleaning out the media cache, it seemed to conform alright.


                                      I know you are frustrated, I'm there with you. If you here any other fix let me know.



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                                        Open a new project. Import your source files, a couple at a time, and allow them to conform. Clear the source files each time before you bring in new ones. Save the project when done.


                                        I have your same problem when pulling up an old project from backup when it has tons of files associated with it. Premiere seems to get messed up when it has too many conforms to do at once, so I create a situation where it only has to do a few at a time. It is time consuming, but it has not failed me yet.


                                        Good luck!

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                                          fixitinpost Level 1

                                          What do you mean by "clear the source files each time before you bring in new ones" ?


                                          I think you can re-import your old project into a new one as I said above if you clean out the media cache first. That way you don't have to start from scratch with the source files as you suggest. If you import the old project in a new one you save all your edits and subclips.

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                                            Absoflan Level 1

                                            What I am saying is that Premiere is choking on the conforms. Even after clearing the cache and importing the project into a new one, it can still get stuck in a conform loop, as it has for me. You can take a brand new project, bring in a couple of the source files at a time, and allow Premiere to finish conforming them. Save that project. When you open up the other project (the one with the problem) Premiere remembers that it conformed the files in another project, and so doesn't try to do it again. It doesn't require starting all over again.


                                            I'm not saying your suggestion doesn't work, because it does, but I have had problems with it on some massive projects. Just puting out my own alternative.

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                                              Im having HORRENDOUS audio conform problems with Cs6 on Mac using XF300 and C300 footage. Very similar to the problems you are facing. Only with mine, a conform will 'splice up' the audio for half the waveform, then leave the other half completely blank. Sometimes ill get a completely fine audiowave which has been conformed, then, out of nowhere, CS6 will decide to auto conform the wave again, then ruin it. Then it will reconform that wave over and over again. It's driving me insane and i'm about to go and work on an organic farm, leaving media entirely. I came over the CS6 from FCX because Mac had abandoned professional video editors. Now, it seems like Premeiere is still riddled with bugs.