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    Is there a way to access more of my codecs to render with in AE 4.1 ?

    digiday Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm a new user using an old version of AE 4.1 on Windows 7.


      Is there a way to access more of my available codecs to render with in AE 4.1 ?


      When I go to export as an AVI file in AE 4.1 I only have the CINEPAK, DV-PAL, DV/DVCPRO-NTSC and DVCPRO-PAL codecs available as choices, and then NONE for uncompressed output.


      Yet when I render to AVI in Adobe Premiere I have the CAMSTUDIO LOSSLESS, CINEPAK, HUFFYUV, INTEL IYUV, LAGARITH LOSSLESS, MICROSOFT RLE, MICROSOFT VIDEO 1, MSU SCREEN CAPTURE LOSSLESS, x264VFW-H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and the XVID MPEG-4 codecs all available to render with.  I usually use the XVID MPEG-4 codec to render with for best quality for file size, or the LAGARITH LOSSLESS codec to render with if I need to plug a file back in to Premiere since Premiere has limited AVI file codec import capabilities.


      Why aren't the rest of my codecs available to render with in AE 4.1 ?


      The problems are (as seen in the screenshots below)...


      1) The CINEPAK codec renders the correct file format size and aspect-ratio that my project is (1280x720) but outputs an AVI file that can not be imported in to Premiere and can not be converted by two different converters.


      2) The NONE-UNCOMPRESSED option renders the correct size format file but outputs an AVI file so large (over 6 gigs) that it can not be use practically in Premiere and it will not even play in a video player.


      3) The DV-PAL, DV/DVCPRO-NTSC and DVCPRO-PAL codecs render in incorrect aspect ratio and format sizes (770x576) regardless of which aspect ratio is selected (as seen at the bottom of the screenshot below), resizing my project size and they will not import in to Premiere... these can be converted to an H.264 AVI file in one of my converters  that Premeire will then import, but they are still the wrong size and they loose sharpness if they are resized (stretched) during conversion.


      Please see the screenshots below for clarification.




      Thanks for any input,



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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Don't use the File/Export option.   Use Composition/Make Movie, then define your output requirements in the Render Queue.


          I'd recommend exporting lossless files.  Quicktime Animation codec (100% quality) was my fav back in the day.  If the files are too large, try Quicktime PhotoJPEG at good-high quality setting.  Or, render uncompressed AVI like you have, and use an external encoder to convert to Premiere's requirements.  Don't use H264, it's a final delivery codec, and shouldn't be used in your post production workflow.


          Otherwise, render to the native resolution and codec you use in your Premiere projects.  Premiere won't import your DV file because the resolution is wrong - DV PAL must be 720x576 pixels, regardless of aspect ratio.

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            digiday Level 1

            Wow, thanks again Andrew.  That works.


            All my codecs showing up via Composition/Make Movie.  Its weird, when I tried using the H.264 codec (Premiere likes H.264 and Lagarith Lossless), the H.264 rendered a strange 800 and something by 720 size instead of the selected and displayed 1280x720 format that the project is in and speced in the Render interface.


            But when I used the Lagarith Lossless codec, I get the right size and everything looks good at 1280x720.


            Before you wrote back, I was able to convert one of the 770x576 size DV-PAL files to H.264 via the Freemake converter, and then that imported in to my Premiere file... but that is a moot point now that I can get the correct size file with the Lagarith codec.


            I would have been able to use the converted 770x576 (properties says 720x576, but it measures out at 770x576) DV-PAL files for this project with the digital clock and get it to import in to Premiere correctly... since I could just place the clock face when blackscreened in my 1280x720 Premiere project, but now I can use the full size Lagarith rendered file for this and other projects from AE that require the full frame of composition.


            Thanks so much... your the most efficient forum guy I've ever had answer a question... no restating or misunderstanding... just pure useful answers.


            Thanks a trillion,