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    Shot 1920x1080 30 with t2i.  What setting to use now?

    Stephen Pickering122 Level 1

      Hi there,

      I just edited a project which was shot with a t2i at 30 (progressive I assume, just "30" no "i" or "p").   As I've always done, I dragged one of the native .mov files to the new sequence icon and began editing with the settings it made automatically.  Upon export I'm being told it's 30i but when using interlaced export options it's, well, interlaced and noticably so when the camera pans.  I recal reading that technically this footage is interlaced (60i) or something along those lines but I never paid much attention to it).  Should I not be using Adobe's create "new item" for this footage as it is interpreting it incorrectly?  Should I instead use one of the built-in presets?  Or is it interpreting correctly and I'm just doing something incorrectly when I export?