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    ScriptMenuActions disappear on plugin enumeration?

    John Hawkinson Level 5

      (CS5 Javascript)


      For quite a while, I've been frustrated that a ScriptMenuAction installed by a startup script of mine seems to randomly disappear (and thus get re-created by the script), which functionally means I lose the keyboard shortcut attached to the script.


      Today, I realized that one of the causes [but not all!] is that when a plugin is added or removed, and InDesign re-enumerates the plugins, the menu action disappears.

      Is there any way around this?


      [ Maybe I should write a C++ plugin that lets me set keyboard shortcuts, and just re-install my KBSC every time the ScriptMenuAction is reborn. Umm? ]


      Does ActionScript have a good answer to this problem?


      It's frustrating that my inelegant scripts in the scripts panel can easily retain their KBSCs, but the fancy ones that install stuff in the menu tree are unreliable because the KBSCs just disappear for no obvious reason. (As I said, this is not the only cause. But it is one I've been able to ID.)