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    Adobe Digital Editions


      I have it on a Mac now and I have an Acer LumiRead e-book.


      I can neither find the Acer software for Mac, nor can I synchronize Adobe Digital Editions with the e-book, although the programm sees the e-book in its list of rafts. It says that the book is there (done by draw and drop), but it is not on the e-book itself.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          It's possible that the Acer ereader (which I assume is what you mean by

          "e-book") did not complete its update before it was disconnected from the




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            evasaibel Level 1

            Sorry, yes of course, I mean e-reader L But I did  not see that any synchronizing with the reader was done. Anyway I shall try again. On the PC I used the Acer software, but I can’t find it for the Mac.


            Thank you, anyway!

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              The process for 'synchronization' is the same on both PC and MAC.  Let me

              go through it from start to finish, so we're talking about the same thing

              at the same point in the process.


              When you plug your ereader into the computer, it recognizes that you have

              done so, and sets up a path to enable you to use it.  Usually, the ereader

              is shown as an external hard drive, because the operating system cares only

              about device type.  When you activate ADE, it will see the ereader, because

              it looks for the identifier in the ereader that tells ADE what kind of

              ereader it is.


              When ADE shows the ereader in its bookshelf panel (left hand side of the

              Library View screen), you can drag and drop ebooks from ADE onto the



              Now the tricky part - closing up shop.


              When you're done, you close ADE.  BUT the ereader may not be finished with

              its updates.  It should tell you when it's done, and, at that point, you

              should use the system utilities to eject or detach the ereader logically

              from the computer.  After the computer tells you or shows you that this

              step is completed, you can unplug the ereader from the computer.


              If you unplug the ereader before this point, you may interrupt the

              housekeeping routines it goes through, and you'll have a corrupt ebook.



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                evasaibel Level 1

                Thank you, perhaps I really did unplug the reader too soon. ADE sees the reader as I wrote before and I did drag and drop the book.    I will try again and report.           


                Thank you very much

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                  evasaibel Level 1

                  It took quite so      


                  It did word, as you advised and I thank you very much for your help. So the Acer Software is not needed at all. It works just with Adobe Digital Reader and this exists for Mac. I wonder, why they did not write me so from Acer. Thanks !