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    Is there a way to create a random text generator in AE 4 ?

    digiday Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm a new user of an old version of After Effects 4.1 on Windows 7.


      I just gained the help on this forum to create a digital clock countdown with the Numbers Effect and the Timecode 30 setting in AE 4 and I noticed that there is a random numbers generator in that effect too.


      But now I'm in the Text Effect and I'm able to put my text/title on the solid layer in a composition and apply some MM scripts to the text... mainly I've just been able to use the 'Blink' script and manipulate that script a little to make it flash faster or slower.


      Since AE 4 cannot use .jsx scripts or Expressions, I guess I'm limited to MM scripts (which I've been searching for) and the built-in plug-ins and effects... but I can't find a random text generator... like where the text scrambles as if it is trying to break a code.  This effect that I'm trying for would be similar to a scrambled text effect generated in Swish or other FLASH text effect generators.


      So if anyone knows how to create a scrambled or random text effect in the old After Effects 4.1, please let me know.


      Thanks allot,