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    Dynamic link is causing bad lag

    Arrakis Level 1

      I have been experimenting with using the dynamic link to ad some effects to my clips in premiere pro.  I only have two clip in my timeline.  I added one effect on each clip in After effects but once I do this I cannot watch them playing smoothly in Premiere pro unless I render them.   They play all laggy.   

      I can understand that this might happen if I had heaps of clips with heaps of fx but I havent.    So i turned off the fx in AE but still no joy.  

      Im not sure how I can get anything completed because I have to be able to see how it looks in Premiere but  if I have to render every single time I change something then I will never get anywhere.  Will increasing my ram to 16GB make any difference?  I dont want to spend more money if it makes no difference.


      I am using a macbook pro i7 with 8GB early 2011 model SSD.  I use a Lacie rugged firewire drive to keep all my files on.