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    JSFL addNewText

    and_p_ Level 1
      I was wondering if anyone can help me with jsfl function.
      I have a button in library:

      fl.getDocumentDOM().library.addNewItem("button", "Buttons/btn");
      var closeBtn = fl.getDocumentDOM().library.findItemIndex("Buttons/btn");
      var closeBtn_timeline = fl.getDocumentDOM().library.items[closeBtn].timeline;
      closeBtn_timeline.addNewLayer("btn text","normal",false);
      closeBtn_timeline.currentLayer = 0;

      closeBtn_timeline.currentLayer = 1;
      for (var i=1; i<4; i++){

      and would like to addNewText in the second layer in first frame. I know how to add text on the main timeline, but was struggling to add it inside button.