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    audio level driven by marker


      Hey all, 3 pronged this.....



      I would like to set markers on my audio layer that will drive its volume.



      So for example I have a clip that comes in with a voice over and I would like the background audio bed to drop down quiet whilst the voice is on and then when the voice over has finished the bed comes back up again, but I would like to drive this by markers as opposed to keyframes. ("In" and "Out" markers). This will happen multiple times over the course of the programme.



      I would also like a slider to control how quiet the audio drops to again rather than keyframing this in, so I vary this as I need.



      Finally, I would like the audio to fade down to its quiet level over an number of keyframes but I would like to be able to control this number again with a slider....



      I have no clue how to do this, could anyone help? Is this even doable?



      Cheers, Olly