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    Flash Builder 4.6 - results of web service into arrayCollection?




      I'm coming from Flex 2 environment where it seemed easy to create an array collection from the data returned from my webservice using ArrayCollection and ArrayUtil.


      I've since switched over to flash builder 4 and am using the data services wizard to retrieve my data.  My problem is once i can retrieve my data, how can i access and manipulate it (besides dragging it into a datagrid etc).


      For example, i'd like to get the record count of items returned (ie - 32 items found).  When using an Array Collection & flex 2 i was able to simply access the ac.length parameter.


      Another example would be if i needed to access a specific item in the data (ie - username).  I previously (flex 2) was able to use something like ac.getItemAt(0).USERNAME


      Is the data returned from the webservice already in some type of array?  Can anybody shed some light for me?  I would appreicate any help.


      thank you.