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    is there any way to use two video resolutions in one project in Pre10?


      i looked up this question but didn't find what i was looking for. Pre10 on XP or on Win 7 64 bit( i have Pre 10 on two machines) both with lots of RAM. XP has a dual core processor and Win 7 64 has a quad core.

      I shot a concert video with a Sony HDR-XR160 (1920 x1080 16:9) on tripod in back of room for my main camera and used a Panasonic Mini-DV as my roving camera (640x480). i am using the HD on video/audio 1 in timeline and want to use the Mini-DV on v/a 2... but when i cut to the mini-dv footage it plays fine but I see the edges of the HD footage on both sides.... is there any way to make this work??

      can i resize the mini-dv footage or will that look weird? should i make a new project and make it 640x480 and what would that do to the HD footage? I thought that the 640x480 footage would look cool as cutaways as it's different res.

      (I have another question. in Pre3 i could click on a video track and hold the alt key and use the arrow keys to shift the video track right or left by a frame at a time and that doesn't seem to work in Pre10 I have a matrix audio track to sync with the video. do you want me to start another thread for this question?)