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    InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 crashes at EVERY copy/paste


      hi everyone, im new in this forum i hope i took the right section for this thread

      i have this problem and i hope someone can help me because i'm starting to have tics all over my body: my indesign can't hande any type of copy/paste. Every time i try to make a ctrl+c ctrl+v operation (in the same page of the same document, in a different page in the same document, in different document pages) and especially a paste in place operation, it inevitabily crashes. Then i relaunch the program, work for five minutes and then at the next copy paste it crashes again. Then i restart my pc, launch the program, and it works for half hour and then... it starts crashing again with the same method. Just because i had a similar problem with photoshop when i try moving a layer which is not the fisrt (but not as frequently as with indesign) i cleaned all the suite and reinstalled it a couple of times already, but eventually, after a day, it starts again with this problem. It's been a lot fo time since this started... it's not a document problem since every document has this behaviour, new ones, old ones, and even made in other computers ones. If it can help I run a 32bit windows 7, but i really have no clue of what can cause these problems..

      thank you