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    RoboHelp HTML v9 - TFS always want to check in


      Hello Adobe community,


      RoboHelp is a good program but the tfs integration is horrible or I'm to stupid?


      For example:

      If I want to "rename" a folder, RoboHelp wants to "add" a new one, "delete" the old one and the same with whole files in the folder.

      That would be ok, but RoboHelp opens for each single interaction an dialog for check in, that's too much.

      If I rename a folder with 200 files in it, I would click half an hour "ok" I think and after all I would have nearly 400 changesets in one "Task". That makes the history very unclear.


      Is there any possibility to make a lot of changes and if I finished my work to check in all in one step( much more import in ONE changeset)?


      Normally I work with VisualStudio and tfs as VersionControl and I like it, that's much more comfortable as the tfs integration in robohelp at the moment.


      I hope you can help me.


      kind regards