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    Geforce gtx 580

    Hurricane Vortex Level 1

      Hi. I,m looking to buy a Geforce gtx 580 for PP CS5.5.   Searching the web I have come across several different "brands" of the same card such as PNY, Palit, Zotac, EVGA etc. Are they all the same card? Are some better than other? Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          My favorite two vendors are EVGA and PNY.  I have some of both.but as far as better the first thing I would do is check the warranty.  Also notice the amount of video memory if you are using large frame sizes more memory may help.  Do not pay extra for an over clocked (sometimes called super clocked) board as it will not do you any good with Premiere.  Notice here at Newegg you have a choice of 19 different versions.  Some of these are already showing discounts and rebates.  Be aware that within just a few months there will be a whole new series that will essential replace the GTX 5xx series, it will be the GTX 7xx series.   At that point in time there will be some significant reductions in the current 5xx series and (probably) faster new boards to consider.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            For myself, I usually just get the cheapest version.

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              JEShort01 Level 4

              Different strokes for different folks; I prefer the non-reference designs that provide more effective and quieter cooling such as MSI TwinFrozr, Asus 3-slot Matrix design, etc.



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                RjL190365 Level 5



                The non-reference coolers do have one potential disadvantage: They disperse all or most of that hot air back inside the system's case. This can create thermal problems if the temperatures inside the case (and therefore the CPU) are already on the high side even without the additional burden of the GPU's heat output. The reference GTX 580 (and GTX 570) cooler directs virtually all of the GPU's heat out the rear of the case.


                Fortunately, the non-reference coolers on some GTX 580s are a big improvement over the coolers on eVGA's GTX 570 HD cards. You see, eVGA made those GTX 570 HD circuit boards significantly shorter than the reference GTX 570 design - only 9 inches long versus 10.5 inches for the reference GTX 570. Worse, those GTX 570 HD cards use lesser-performing coolers that are based on the reference GTX 560 Ti (the original 384-core version) cooler.

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