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    No mp3 format to save to


      Well, that's partially true.  I usually save my file in the mp3 format, but my problem is that all that shows up is mp3 PRO.  From what I understand, the mp3 PRO takes up less space than a normal mp3 file...but the problem I've run in to on countless occasions is that the mp3 PRO files won't play.  Let me explain....


      I used to work at a radio station and would record commercial spots through my Audition 1.5 program.  I would save them as mp3 PRO and put them into our system, and also sometimes burn a copy onto a CD for the customer.  The spot would play fine through our broadcast system....but the customer couldn't get the spot to play on the CD that I had burned for them.  I ran it through another file converter program, saved as an mp3 and reburned the CD....works just fine.


      Here is another example... I was recently auditioning for a job at another radio station.  I created my aircheck through Adobe Audition 1.5, saved as mp3 PRO and emailed it to the station.  They were not able to listen to it on their computer.  I used a different program to re-save the file as an actual mp3, resent it to the station....now they have no problem hearing it.


      I read another post where someone said that they had the mp3 option on their "save as" list, but that they couldn't click on it, or something.  I don't even have that option on my list! Is there a way to get that on there?   Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, especially since I am looking to get into some voice work and really need to be able to save as a straight mp3.


      Thanks for the help,

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          MaverickDJ wrote:


          I usually save my file in the mp3 format, but my problem is that all that shows up is mp3 PRO. 


          That's the only option you get. But if you select it as a file type, and then click on 'options' below it you get the control panel which will let you select the bit rate, and exactly what type of MP3 or MP3Pro you save.