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    "Could not save as 'filename' because of a program error."  Won't allow me to save in ANY format!

    Penderecki Level 1

      I have a large file (3500x8300px) that i have been working on in Photoshop CS4 and i tried to save it after working on it for about 30 minutes and got the following message: "Could not save as 'filename' because of a program error."  I tried saving it as .psd, .pdf, .tif, even .jpg and received the same message each time.  I closed down all other software to ensure that there was enough memory available but to no avail.  I then just closed my MBP and waited until the next day hoping it was just a glitch and might work later on.  I opened it up the next day (forgetting about the save issue) and worked on the file for a few more hours and then tried saving it again. (that's when i remembered the issue...too late...the work was already done).  Nope...still won't let me save it.  I'm afraid i'll have to restart the program but cannot afford to lose this work.  Any thoughts on how to fix it?


      *note: i tried 'save for web' and it allowed me to save it as a flattened image (although rather slow due to filesize) but i need it in a layered format.


      ANY HELP would be much appreciated!




      **(I'm running PS CS4 v. 11.0.2 on a MBP 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3 and have Lion OS X 10.7.2.)

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