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    Problems capturing Video


      I attach my camcorder ( Canon VIXIA HV40 ) and click on the Cature HDV . Screen opens up and my camera is found and I can start and stop it through the appropriate controls. The program begins to capture my movie but I cannot see the movie on the computer screen. The movie is being captured because the clip is showing up in the clip folder but I cannot see the movie in the Preview window.


      Also, I am not given the option to capture the Movie by Timecode but ONLY by scene.


      I capture about 2 minutes of film and then stop the Capture. The Start Auto Analyzer box appears but nothing happens. I wait several minutes but nothing happens.


      When I quit the application and check the captured movie files they are in MPEG format and not MOV format and will not play back on Quicktime.


      Can someone provide help????