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    vector graphics: fuzzy in preview, sharp in final render?

    lmaclanphere Level 1

      hi all


      I've been banging my head for a while on my fuzzy vector graphics issue ---vectors imported into AE from Illustrator, that include text, text outlines, clipping masks, etc. I had checked and double-checked my "continuously rasterize", my "collapse transformations", even gone into adjust anti-aliasing to best quality: no help


      well, I had a breakthrough today:  when I do a final render, my fuzzy vector graphics become crystal clear.  Huh?  well, Great!  But now my question is, am I stuck editing fuzzy vectors?  That  seems like an odd limitation.


      a bit more info on what I'm doing:  I'm animating between bits of text that are varying  sizes, some text is solid, some outlines, some with fills created with clipping masks--and I did do a little experimenting with taking out the masks, etc, because I've been told that some Illustrator effects won't come through properly, and cause an immediate rasterization in AE--but that didn't seem to do much to my preview quality. I've set up my illustrator file with the film/video preset, so I have 2 artboards--and I'm letting the biggest text spill out onto that larger arboard.  I'm saving as a CS5, PDF compatible, illustrator file, and bringing into AE as a composition w/ "retain layer sizes"


      any thoughts? is this just the nature of the beast? maybe I'm setting up my illustrator file improperly?