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    question about images with transparent backgrounds in inDesign




      I've recently switched from Quark to inDesign CS5.5, and I'm trying to figure out how to do something that was easy in Quark but doesn't seem to work in iD. I'd like to colorize a greyscale image that has a transparent background. In Quark, I could import it as a TIF and then specify different colors for the image and background (which I could specify to be transparent). In iD, seems that the transparency needs to be included in Photoshop (which wasn't the case in Quark; the method worked for any greyscale TIF), and that I need to chage the color of the in original image if I want to keep that transparency. Also, from what I've read, the imported image works better as a PSD.


      Is this correct? Does the transparency and color need to be specified in Photoshop for me to have a transparent image? (The image is too complex to include a clipping path, and it's being placed on a photographic background, so I can't simply change the bckground image to a solid color to make it blend in).


      If this is the case, it's really disappointing--I was able to get some great effects in Quark using the other method. I hope I'm misunderstanding what to do, or there's some kind of workaround.


      Thanks in advance for any help,