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    Exporting from InDesign to PDF


      I have an InDesign file that contains colors and text.  There are pantone colors within vector shapes.  The vectors were created in illustrator.  I am having problems exporting to PDF.  My client is stating that their colors are not coming through consistent from one page of the PDF to the next.  For instance, there are multiple pages of the PDF that contain pantone 2945c.  Apparently, 2945c is not appearing the same from one page to the next.


      I have tried saving the InDesign file as both High Quality Print and Interactive.  Both formats are resulting in mixed results on multiple platforms.  As a side note, I can open the High Quality Print in illustrator and it is maintaining pantones and outlines.  If I screenshot the Interactive, the pantones have consistent values.


      In short, the problem is not on my machine, it is when sent out to various platforms.  Colors are not being interpreted as intended on all monitors (regardless of "Print" or "Interactive") and colors render differently form one page to the next.


      Please advise to what format to save InDesign files for client review via PDF.  Help on this would be greatly appreciated.


      I am working on both MAC and PC platforms.  Operating software is newest version of CS.