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    Question about NTSC video to be shown in UK

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      Hello group;


        I'm finishing up a 1 hour documentary that is in 1920x1080 NTSC format.  It will mostly be screened and broadcast here in the US, but the first screening will take place in London this April.  I'm concerned that there will be a problem of format.   I assume at the London screening it will be projected either using a computer as the playback device or perhaps a DVD or Blu-Ray player.


        Any suggestions about this, which I know even less about than most of what I'm doing, would be helpful.




      Jim G.

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          SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

          Hi Jim,


          If at all possible, speak to a technician at the venue that will be projecting your work to see what formats their gear will work with.


          My understanding is that basically all PAL DVD players will also play NTSC DVDs. As for HD video, the NTSC term is technically not correct, though everyone uses it, myself included! NTSC and PAL refer to specific standard-definition formats. With HD, the FRAME RATE is what differs between NTSC and PAL countries - the frame dimensions are the same worldwide For instance, 1080i is 1920x1080 everywhere, but will use 25fps in the UK and 29.97 in the US.


          Jeff Pulera

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