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    .psd recovery software


      Hello, my computer crashed while I was working on an important .psd file (PC CS5) and now the file is corrupt. The message says "is not compatible with this version of Photoshop". I've downloaded a few recovery software trials and some don't work at all, some do seem to work but I just can't tell with the amount of trial watermarking. The programs that seem like they might work are $100 and over, I can only afford a few dollars for a solution. I've also tried opening the file on another CS5 PC and a CS4 Mac, I get the same error message. Any solutions besides the obvious? I've been troubleshooting a bit over the past week, I have no back-up and being on Windows 7, there are no 'Previous Versions' of the file. If you have a recovery program that you feel confident with, please message me, I do use Paypal.


      Thanks for your time.


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          Curt Y Level 7

          Although far from an expert, if it crashed while you were working on document it is likely the file is corrupted with little chance of recovery.


          Perhaps someone else has better news.


          Too late now but you probably see the value in saving the file in progress frequently to minimize such problems.

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            Level 5

            TheMonty wrote:


            ...being on Windows 7, there are no 'Previous Versions' of the file...

            Why is that?


            Did you not configure your system to save previous versions?

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              TheMonty Level 1

              Correct, I didn't know to set it up. I don't think it (whatever the feature is called), was turned on by default when I installed my OS.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Have you tried the PSD Recovery Tool HERE?


                Good luck,



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                  TheMonty Level 1

                  Thank you very much for recommending that plug-in, it did not work though.


                  Just to add some feedback for the thread, I basically downloaded again the programs I tried about a week ago to tell of my results.


                  Datanumen’s Advanced PSD recovery Trial = This program produced about 200 separate .psd files during the recovery, half have the ‘not compatible’ error when trying to open them. The other half of the files opened and were basically small slices of my .psd file, anything that had transparency was flattened to a colored background. This was bad for my file, didn’t work.


                  File Internals PSD Repair Trail = Lets me preview all the layers in my file before repairing. Many look great in the preview. After viewing all of the separate repaired layers which are heavily watermarked, most things with transparency are beat up. So I guess I’m losing hope. Simple pictures and block-like objects look fine (easy to recreate), but the stuff I put all my effort into, like Lasso and healing layers and so on… they are unusable. Costs $100.


                  PSDRecoveryFree = Shows me all of my layers in a preview. Instruction say, select options for recovery after analysis. The only option for this file is to Send File to Developers and it launches my email with my 60Mb .psd file attached… Kind of large for an attachment.


                  Office Recovery for Photoshop = This one seems the most promising. It outputs a layered .psd, not multiple files. It even knows what layers were turned off and on and stacks them in order. But there watermarking is so crazy, I can’t tell if the files will come out good or not. Standard License… $150.


                  At this point I give up. If someone comes along with an idea or low cost product, I’m still interested and will try it. But, I’m moving on. It's a bummer, a lot of work. Thanks for looking and to the ones who posted!



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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    Previous Versions come from backups and System Restore points.


                    Do yourself a favor and start doing backups ASAP.