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    Magazine page flip


      Hi, Iam not the quickest when it comes to indesign tech problems so hopefully someone can help me.


      I have created a magazine in Indesign with animated text, video files and images as I want the magazine to be interactive.


      What im struggling with is the best way to get this onto my website for people to read ( its a flip magazine)


      This is what I want to do.....


      Have an image of the front cover on a page on  the site so that when people click on it they go straight to the magazine and can turn the pages, play video ect, just like the PDF magazine flip software.


      Do I have to use something such as YUDU or  ISSUU?


      Do I need to save the Indesign file as an SWF to keep the page turning features, animation and video?


      Thanks to all that reply