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    Pin Tool

    glaustin Level 2

      Hi Guys

      I've just had occasion to use the pin tool for the first time. It was a fairly straight forward; just someone snapping shut the top section of a clapperboard to the clapper's body. I had the clapperboard body and person's hand holding the top bit of clapperbaord cut out as two separate layers in Photoshop. After importing to AE, I put a pin at the right end of the clapperboard top section and a pin on the person's hand at the left holding the top section. Unfortunately when I drag down the right end of the clapperboard top to simulate it shuting it bows like a banana rather than stays straight. If I put a pin in the middle of the clapper board top it obviously makes it bend even worse.


      Am I doing something wrong? I had thought if only two pins were used at each end of a straight line, the line would stay straight if I dragged down one end.