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    When I open a new project what format do I use with clips from Canon Legria (1440x1080)?


      I have Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and a Canon Legria HF S100 digital video camera. My frames are 1440x 1080.  I have a widescreen Sony tv on which I want to play my video when it has been edited and burnt.


      When I opened a new project in Premiere Pro I set it as follows:


      Editing Mode: DV Pal

      DV Pal Widescreen 23 KHZ

      Pixel aspect D1/DV Pal Widescreen 16:9


      However, I burnt the sequence as an experiment and lost lots due to cropping in the final version.


      I used to have Premiere Elements. If memory served I set it as  AVCD Full HD 1080i. I had no problems. I tried the AVCD 1080i setting on Premiere Pro but this didn't work either. I still got cropping.


      Which settings are adviseable to ensure I can see the full clip on screen when it has been burnt? In addition, what is the difference between Anamoprhic and square pixels?


      Sorry for banal questions. I got Premiere Pro because I was frustrated with Elements constantly crashing. I have to confess to being totally bewildered by the techinical information that I've read.