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    Encouraged by FB 4.6 builds for iOS/Android working nice

    Alan Gruskoff Level 1

      Like lots of Flex/Flash developers, I was disheartened to hear that Adobe was abandoning Flash mobile, thinking that left me in a diminished place. Yet my new Kindle Fire (Android 2.3) device came with Flash 10.3 and AIR 2.7 installed, so it seems rumors of Flash's demise are premature.


      In wanting the Adobe promoted "One Code Base" and not wanting to deal with 99 new languages, I spent some time seeing if I could make a trivial App on both iOS and Android. Since I do have an App in iTunes and in the Android Store, I have the requisite certifications which on iOS is half the battle.  I found it amusing that my Apple Developer cert worked fine to sign my Android App.


      I was rather pleasantly suprised to see FB build an .ipa file that went right into iTunes, then right onto my iPad and my iPod Touch 4. Cool.


      I thought I would have no trouble with porting to Android. Initially, the Kindle Fire was a liitle snot in that while it had AIR 2.7 from the factory, it would not install the provided upgrade to the REQUIRED AIR 3.1 that FB builds wants. A little research shows that I need to do an Export Release Build with Packaging Settings / Export Options set to "Export application with captive runtime", which means the FB builds the Android .apk file with the right version of AIR built in. Nice.  My trivial "show 2 photos" App was 9.4 Meg, which seems fine to me since it installed on the Kindle Fire easily.


      So the Adobes were right - I can use FB for browser / desktop / iOS / Android devices with code and skills I already have.


      Cool. Watch out now...


      - Alan Gruskoff

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