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    Export to PDF changes document's look.


      I am sorry if this issue has been presented elsewhere, I couldn't find it.


      When viewing my document 6x9 1/8th margin, 1/8th inch bleed, my layout looks fine in InDesign, preview, presentation and all other view modes show graphics and text as expected. When I export that document to a pdf, the bottom of the document get's a 1/8th inch white bar on the bottom, and the graphics in the right corner are misaligned.


      InDesign 7.5.2, OS X Lion 10.7.2


      The Graphics are clipped masks from AI. I am a new user, and it's eluding me at the moment.


      I have attached a screen shot for refrence.

      Normal View in InDesign:

      Screen Shot 2012-01-16 at 1.51.07 PM.png


      Preview in InDesign:


      Screen Shot 2012-01-16 at 1.50.55 PM.png


      Exported PDF:


      Screen Shot 2012-01-16 at 2.51.05 PM.png