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    Flash Memory


      I am currently working on a game, and on different scenes I have different levels. The problem is i dont know how to make it so that when the person closes the game they can go back to where they were and dont have to restart all the way from level 1. I am using as3. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Flash does not provide any memory capability.  If you need to store data somewhere it has to be done external to whatever game you create, which is mych the same with any game.  With Flash you can store data usinf the SharedObject class.  SharedObjects are essentially Fl;ash's version of cookies.  Another option is to have Flash store data on a aserver via using some third party script.  Alternatively, you could design your game as an AIR application.  AIR allows for saving files to the user's machine.

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            Bennydukes Level 1

            well it is for a android app, how would i go about doing that?