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    Three questions about a single-folio publication


      We are finishing our first publication with DPS.

      We have a Adobe DPS Professional Edition, Annual version.


      1- I have been planning to launch the App in iPad and Android for free and in three days to put the price at $9,00. Is that possible?


      2 - How much time needs Apple to approve our appliction?


      3- I have read that you can't publish a single folio app in Android. Why?

      What is the option

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          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

          1 - Yes, I believe it's possible, but you need to re-submit the app.


          2 - It takes Apple between 2 hours and 6 weeks to approve an app. The typical time for a new app seems to be about a week. The typical time for an update is 4-5 days.


          3 - My understanding -- and I don't have all the details -- is that not allowing single-issue apps for Android was originally a business decision because it's too easy to share .apk files. But at this point, I think it's more a technical issue. Some programming work would need to be done to support single-issue viewers for Android, and other features take a higher priority. The workaround is to create a multi-issue viewer and set up in-app billing (or subscriptions) to sell your individual issues. That requires a Pro or Enterprise subscription to DPS.

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            Johannes Eckert Level 4

            On android a .apk app is limited to 50 mb. Additional Content up to 4GB can

            be loaded by the app on its first start.


            This need a change in workflow for the android version on the viewer side.


            And it may be political, too.




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              sboerner2 Level 1



              Any word on if/when a single-folio edition might be available for Kindle and other Android devices? This is becoming a stumbling block with clients ... to them a tablet's a tablet, and "because" isn't a very satisfactory response when they ask why a publication can't be on more devices.


              And expecting someone to pony up for a Professional Edition subscription to publish a single annual report just isn't reasonable.


              Just hoping there might be some news on this front. Thanks.