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    labels not showing


      Are field labels supposed to appear in forms the user fills out? (text next to fields replacing "edit label")


      I'm seeing these disappear after I close (autosave) and when I open the form to edit.


      Also some text fields aren't "sticky" ie the text reverts to the earlier version after I close and reopen.


      Maybe I'm doing something wrong..?

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          Todd Rein Level 3



          Yes, the field labels should show up in the fillable form.  The behavior you are seeing is not normal, so I'd like to gather some more information that might help us diagnose the issue.


          When you change the field label, are you closing the document immediately, or first removing focus from editing the field label?


          After you change the field label in the authoring mode, it should automatically save.  If there's a problem saving, the application should prevent you from closing, and warn you, that you have unsaved changes.  Have you seen any such warning? 


          In the bottom right of the editor, there's a circle.  When the document is having problems communicating with the server and saving, there's a red pencil in the circle.  Have you ever seen this?


          Also, if you don't mind, can you share your form to me (share button in the editor -> add collaborators) trein@adobe.com?




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            keith973 Level 1

            1) I'm removing focus after editing the text in "edit label". I figured that was good practice.


            2) The File menu shows "autosaved" - always. I haven't seen any save errors. Every once in a while when I edit a label I get a warning that the status needs to be changed to "Closed". I don't know why that's inconsistent.


            3) No red pencil, just "connected"


            4) Sharing - done