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    Can I Auto format the first paragraph on every page of a 20 page document?


      So I have a document that is basically just a numbered list of 200 entries.


      There are 10 entries per page, making it a 20 page document.


      Unfortunately, every so often I am given an additional entry to add, which invariaby is to the middle of the document, and not the end.


      What I'd like to do is if I were to add a new #20 to the document, the old #20 (now #21), being pushed to the next page, would then automatically be formatted using my "StyleA" paragraph style.


      I haven't been able to discover how to do this, which means, in the above example, I need to go to 18 pages and remove the "StyleA" paragraph formatting as in each case following the addition, it is now the second entry on the page. At the same time, I have to apply the "StyleA" paragraph formatting to each first entry of all subsequent pages. If I only had to do this once in a while, it wouldn't be an issue, but as this document is updated regularily, it is getting tedious.


      Nested styles doesn't seem to be an option, since i'm using Numbering which requires a paragraph break to differentiate between each line number, and nested styles seem to apply to every paragraph, unless i'm doing something wrong there.


      I hope this is enough to go on.