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    Streaming FLASH VIDEO DON'T WORKING (on a LEGAL SITE of Telelombardia) !!

    David XXX Level 1

      I have try on Firefox and Internet Explorer!!!


      I have uninstalled five minutes ago.... restart XP and reinstall the Flash Player 11,1,102,55 installed (watched here http://www.adobe.com/it/software/flash/about/) but the problems it's same!!


      I'm on XP Sp3 with all windows update...... i have try to watch this site in TWO PC... this and a notebook..... i stay to tray to watch this legal ITALIAN streaming of Telelombardia here:



      The problems it's.... i can only listen AUDIO!!!! The Image goes ok for one or two seconds and goes in a still image like a pause!!! I have try to watch in on Internet Explorer and Firefox but same result!

      I have try to uninstall and reinstall but same result....


      You can help me ?? It's a bug of this version of Flash Player ??


      I have watched this streaming some time and i can't notify this problems..... after last upgrade!! It's impossible to watch..


      HELP ME!



      I have try to watch some video on Youtube and here there it's no problems...... only on streaming site!