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    Flex Charts: Will they improve?

    dwaynie Level 1



      I'm trying to make some minimalistic charts for some ultimate PDF business plans and annual reports. I did them in Illustrator first, but Illustrator's graph tool hasn't been developed on since 1996, and it was a real pain to update my charts as the numbers changed. With Flex though, I can just generate charts based on XML that I output from my business models in OpenOffice. Plus they look real good and are interactive.


      It seems though, that everyone I talk to say that Flex Charts suck. That they were made by people who didn't follow standards. Personally I love Flex Charts, although I'm not a big fan of having a lot of "Wait for improved CSS support", "Should be CSS" etc. comments in my code:






      Does anybody know if this is about to change? Are there any new Flex charting libraries in the making?




      P.S. If you can, please forward this post to as many Flex developers as you can.