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    Adobe Media Encoder and Encore CS5 Vs. CS5.5

    johng12345 Level 1


      I have a Tennis project that has both DSLR 720P (60) footage and HDV footage 1080 (60i) footage. I have tried  making a Bluy-ray disc in Encore 5.0 and it looks good. I tried encoding Blu-ray H.264 footage from PP CS5 and Importing this footage into Encore CS5 in a Blu-ray project. Then Transcoding to DVD format. The resulting Jaggies/Saw Tooth lines of the Tennis court are terrible looking. Looks good in Blu-ray format. I have made DVDs from straight HDV footage and those come out looking great. It is something to do with the combining the different footages.

      My questiuon is did Adobe redesign the Media encoder or Encore in version 5.5. If so I would upgrade just to fix this problem. If not is there any good external Transcoding program that I can try? I have tried just about every known setting/Encode type in Media Encoder but non do a good job.




      John Gerard