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    scroll panel - two contents hooked to one scroll bar?


      I've got two boes of content (one running text and one a series of images grouped in a vertical fashion). I want these to move simultaneously but one is much longer than the other - and I want them to finish at the same time, the photos correlating to the text. Using two separate scroll bars is out of the question. I tried to trick it and just copy the same scroll bar on top of the first, hoping that by dragging one you'd drag both, but it only takes the top layer. Any ideas?

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          I can only think of two solutions:

          1) Refactor your design so that the two boxes some how become one element. Then the scroll element will work as designed. You have to think how each element in one box maps it's position to the other box.

          2) If you can't refactor the design, then you will need to create an algorthim that will map position in one box to a postiion in the other. Then you will need to write a custom bit of ActionScript in Flash Builder to wire this all up.