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    Artifacting in Photoshop CS4


      Hi there,


      I just got a new computer. It's stats are the following:


      Dell XPS 8300i5

      Processor: Intel Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00 GHz

      RAM: 8 gigs

      System type: 64 bit

      Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6450


      I use a Cintiq 21UX.



      My problem:


      Weird, random artifacting that appear when I'm working on an image in Photoshop. As I draw or paint, the artifacts will reappear in different spots, making working in the program impossible. The artifacts move when I save and reopen the file and are always there. This happens on all the file types (PSD, jpeg, png, GIF, etc.) that I've tried. I have updated my drivers for both Photoshop and my Cintiq, and have even tried going back to some older drivers to see if that would fix the problem. I've also updated the drivers for the graphics card. I have tried using the 64 bit version of Photoshop as well as the 32 bit and I get the same results in both. I also use Paint Tool SAI, which functions normally.


      Here is an example of what's going on:




      I suspect there's a software incompatibility somewhere but I'm currently at a loss. Any help would be much appreciated.


      Oh, and I have tried searching Google and the Adobe forums for a similar problem but it would seem no one else is having an issue with this. >.>; I know that Cintiq can sometimes have problems with Photoshop but this is the first time this has happened.