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    Dropdown List


      I have dropdown list that contains 8 items. The values are obviously 1-8 and refer to subforms.

      In code I have

      if (this.rawValue ==(1) {




           if (this.rawValue == "2"){

           BaggerSub.presence = "visible";

           ZipperSub.presence = "visible";



      The problem is if I select item 1 on the list nothing happens. If Iselect item 2, then the script for item 1 works. If I select item 3 thenthe script for item 2 works.

      I have the scripts in change.

      Any suggestions of where I went wrong.




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          cclay53 Level 1

          Ok new information.

          If i choose an item and then choose it again it will load properly.

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            radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP



            I think you're using the change:Event for your script.

            In this case, the rawValue is not available, as it is set as very last.

            Use xfa.event.newText instead.

            if (xfa.event.newText === "1") {

                 BaggerSub.presence = "visible";

                 ZipperSub.presence = "invisible";



            else if (xfa.event.newText === "2") {

                 BaggerSub.presence = "visible";

                 ZipperSub.presence = "visible";


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              cclay53 Level 1

              ok. That doesn't seem o work. But what i did do is move my script from a change event to exit and it works-


              Thank you.