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    Dotted Vetical Guides between Columns??


      Hi All, I am just designing a new publication in indesign CS5.5 and have designed myself a bit of a problem. I assume there has to be an easy way to do this...  Can anyone advise me of the best way to include a verticle dotted stroke/keyline inbetween columns of text other than drawing them?.


      Desired look is





      Three columns of text with two keylines on the gutters?


      A single cell table flowing over multiple columns might do it but that would double up the key line or place a keyline on one of the outer edges?


      Any suggestions gratefully appreciated

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          You can create a master page for the 3 column with a dotted rule set in it.

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            darrellpones Level 1

            Thankyou for the reply, I could do it that way but whenever the page composition changes I would have to separate the lines from the master and adjust manually. The book could be about 64 pages and done weekly. Here's another screen shot which may give you a better idea . The vertical lines will be separated by a horizontal story divider. I would hate to have to adjust these manually. I suppose I could give the divider a white background ? Any other suggestions????

            sample 2.jpg

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              Lonskie Level 1

              Hi Darrell

              Here is a screenshot I been working on I hope this is similar to your project:


              Try using the span columns (see screenshot)  and tweeking the paragraph rule and set the color fill to whatever the background then adjust the weight the offset (see screenshot2)


              (see screenshot1)



              (see screenshot2)


              Hope this helps you.

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                Grant H Level 4

                hi: ok...


                you could convert text to table and then set the stroke as required or... what I would do....


                if I was the initial designer I would create a 3 col, 1 row table apply and set all the styles as need be and save the table style.


                but... you could draw the deviders where needed and group it with the text frame... then if the frame is adjusted the deviders will too...


                (and that is very scriptable)