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    Sequence settings changed after round trip to Audition


      I am very far along on a feature project, Premiere Pro 5.5.2, Mac 8 core with 32 g, Matrox MXO2 LE, Nividia Quadro 4000. Editting ProRes 4444 from Arri Alexa 1080p24. After many weeks of difficulties in getting everything to play together, I had many weeks of no problems. The last few days I have begun using the "edit in audition" command. It seemed to work alright at first with some small issues with the play back in Premiere upon return. Instead of editting single clips from a sequence in audition I sent the entire sequence to audition. No problem till I returned to the same sequence in Premiere Pro. The sequence would play but the sequence settings had some problems. I had worked this out earlier when trying to get the MXO to work and used the same system for resetting things those guys had worked out. It did not work this time, instead the sequence settings were changed. I no longer have a Matrox sequence. The Premiere prefs still list the player as Matrox player but it does appear in the sequence settings. I tried opening a new project with Matrox settings just like the previous one. It worked perfectly. My entire project ( 30 different sequences) are no longer a Matrox sequences. Wondering if anyone knows how to return a project and all the sequence settings to its former self.