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    gallery of tumbnail


      I´m new here. I hope I can find my answer.
      I have this example about a gallery of tumbnail which I´m interested to follow http://ppersonales.ciudad.com.ar/isadoradesign/fa34.zip

      I did it, but it only works in the 1st. button, the second that appears in the 2nd line of pictures (pinguin). The link is

      For the next button I did exactly the same changing links, pics., ecc. and they open and get bigger well, just that THE BUTTONS FROM THE GALLERY BELOW REMAINS OVER THE BIG PICTURE THAT HAS TO BE IN FRONT.

      I search for the mistake in the code or actions but I don´t know why it worked for one and for the others.
      Can anyone tell me what do I have to change? Here is the flash file or check the flash file http://personales.ciudad.com.ar/isadoradesign/pag_fotos_conswf.fla

      I hope I was clear. thanks a lot Text