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    Mixing NTSC 1080i and 1080p on the same timeline.. Any experience?

    danirussel Level 1



      I'm documenting live performances, round 85 minutes,  in Europe and am looking to use a Sony Z1 or Sony EX1 as main camera, as these can switch between PAL and NTSC. Getting hold of native NTSC Camcorders in Europe comes at a premium rate.


      Now, the likely candidate is the Sony Z1 and it shoots 1080 interlaced. ( .avi)


      Now, if I get hold of an EX1, progressive it is for it all..


      My 2nd camera is a Canon 60D, again switchable but shoots progressive (h.264/mov)


      And as an extra, I have a GoPro which does progressive too. (.mp4)


      So why bother with NTSC?


      Well, the final product is to be a commercial DVD production and NTSC is the universal format for all players when encoded region free.


      So again, mixing NTSC 1080p and 1080i on the same timeline... Any joy on that?


      Be well and speak soon!