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    Replace the "Flash Pro" name to "Flash 3D"

    flasheur2012 Level 1

      I teach Flash since few years and I can observe since Flash is not supported on iPad, and on next Windows mobile, everybody leaves Flash formation to learn HTML5. Maybe it's great for HTML websites, but, as the last Nissan project can show us (www.nissan-stagejuk3d.com), Flash still is an important way to present impactant projects. So, we need to change the vision people have about Flash right now. Flash is not dead !

      The only way to change opinion is very simple, change Flash name !

      The new name of Flash pro should include this vision of a great interactive experience impossible in HTML5, that means how much Flash can complete HTML5. The most single an efficient name I propose, compare what the new version of Flash is going to be, seems to be "FLASH 3D" unstead of "Flash Pro". What do you think about it ?

      I'm sure this will be welcome by formators and designers. We then could show to designers that Flash got a new vocation and kill the rumors about a end of Flash. The rumor about the end of Flash will then impact only old versions of Flash named Flash Pro, introucing the new Flash generation called Flash 3D ! Great way, isn't it ?