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    Need help rendering an MXF file for broadcasting


      Hello community,

      My client is a tv channel who wants their programs delivered in MXF format. Rendering this with Adobe Premiere or Media Encoder. I render the MXF with IMX50. The video has been approved by my client but there is a problem with the sound.


      They require 4 audio channels : 2 of them stereo and 2 of them silent. All my MXF tests have been reported to have only 2 stereo channels and no silent channels.


      My question : How can I add these 2 silent channels to my MXF?


      I'm using Adobe cs 5 and the only option I have is the MPEG2 MXF. I have some video presets with this but no audio settings.


      Hope you guys and gals can help me,


      Thanks in advance.