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    Linking to other Cp Projects using Cp 5.5




      I'm having problems linking to other Cp 5.5 projects.  I set it up as I used to do when I used Cp 3 but the next project is not opening.  I cked past discussions and saw one, "linking projects; message to export" answered by TrevDev (Trevor) that seemed to address my problem.  I double cked that I had everything in place following Trevor's advice (see below) but still my next project won't open.  Any further suggestions?


      1) cptx & htm have the same names

      2) all files are in the same folder

      3) On the first project, I used "On Exit: Open another project" and browsed for the cptx file to open in the current window.


      I saved everything, published and ran the htm version of the first project that is to open the next project on its last slide.  The first file just ends on its last slide w/o doing anything further.



      Thank you,